2020 House Tour Part 2 🏡 & $100,000 Giveaway! 💸

28-Avg, 2020
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HI SISTERS! Today's video is the second part to last video's 2020 House Tour! I take you down to see the movie theater, salon, production studio, merch store, and dream backyard. We also announce the $100,000 Giveaway in honor of hitting #20MillionSisters! Thank you so much for watching & GOOD LUCK!!
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  • there was a coke ad on this

    hailey gloverhailey glover2 soat oldin
  • We all love you so much we will be always with you 💗 and you are a good sister

    Zainab KausarZainab Kausar2 soat oldin
  • Imagine it rains in that garden

    EmmaPlays Adopt meEmmaPlays Adopt me3 soat oldin
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  • I love his house cause its not UNNECESSARILY BIG like those other rich influencers

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  • I'd love a house like that 😍 Please become an interior designer lol

    Emily HuddEmily Hudd19 soat oldin
  • Hi from the UK xx

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  • Is anyone gonnna talk about in the sister studio tour when James was showing us the seating area... there was a picture of him on the side table..😂 (I’m commenting before I finished the vid)

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  • Give this comment a like if you drink the pink drink from Starbucks

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  • Hi

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  • James,please send me just 100 dolars cuz i need to eat....

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  • i mean if you saw jeffrey's house. it was way more Bigger 🤯

    Agustina LeeAgustina LeeKun oldin
  • If I were to win the money I would fix my eyes cause I have cataracts and would get dentures cause it is embarrassing. This is 1st time I see your video and you can be sure I will see it from now on. You are such a precious person!

    Mary PerezMary PerezKun oldin
  • Woah!!! It's very beautiful, but just a question when it's raining do they have to take all those cushions back inside the house?

    Champagne Maka-AdikChampagne Maka-AdikKun oldin
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  • James ur house is INCREDIBLE and I also think ur and AMAZING person

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  • Did anyone else read the title wrong and this he was giving away a house.. Just me okay, LOL.

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  • when his backyard is bigger then your whole house :')

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  • Slow down James you talk to fast 😂

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  • I can’t believe his home is so giant and it’s so clean like if I had that home it would all be messy

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  • 9:48 idk why i wanted to see him fall into the water (im sorry, i love you james) and sister scream or whatever

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  • Imagine if it's rain

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  • It’s a kitchen

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  • I love the «cries cutely pillow» in the cinema😅❤️

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  • 20,000

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  • Name :julie Carungay Age: 22 Cebu Philippines Intg: baby_julz21

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  • Is it fine if I copy and paste this house ?

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  • You are so lucky to have a house like that! I don't even have a house half as big as that!

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  • Who won

  • i want to now something about James Charles did he cut his D....... just comment to me i want to now.

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  • amazing. now i want ur house

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  • Derry Doughty 34 New Orleans, La Insta: officialderrythemodelboy Snapchat: cuteboydee If I WIN I’ll get my grandfather name add on his gravestone

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  • just .....marvelous...beautiful...just breath taking.....I'm in my final months of high school.....and yes like everyone..i wanna be succeszfull.....get a home like this ..generally meaning with the things and spaces i love...and i want to have.......and seeing this vedio just makes me even more wishfull and impatient ............

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  • I have a house like this..... On minecraft

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  • yeah James love you xxxx

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