James Charles Takes a Lie Detector Test!

2-Okt, 2020
8 024 997 Ko‘rishlar soni

HI SISTERS! In today's video, my friends sat me down and hooked me up to a Lie Detector Test and asked me all sorts of scary, juicy questions about scandals, dating, the beauty community, and more... Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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  • His legs are ✨perfect✨OMGGG

    Simon QuilliganSimon QuilliganSoat oldin
  • tedward freahward

    definitely not isaiahdefinitely not isaiahSoat oldin
  • half the video is bleeped out😍😌😌

    Taylie RobersonTaylie Roberson2 soat oldin
  • i like her video

    Noëlle KnipNoëlle Knip3 soat oldin
  • then i see her face than i juts like burhh

    Noëlle KnipNoëlle Knip3 soat oldin
  • i was like omg james u ok😓

    Noëlle KnipNoëlle Knip3 soat oldin
  • i through she cry

    Noëlle KnipNoëlle Knip3 soat oldin
  • ommg its so fun to be there ❤👸

    Noëlle KnipNoëlle Knip3 soat oldin

    Billie jo GoodBillie jo Good4 soat oldin
  • Huh Larry said the b word not good

    Surie HassSurie Hass8 soat oldin
    • Your fine-

      Bella JaramilloBella JaramilloSoat oldin
  • I honestly wannne be part of their friend group

    Emily DepoortereEmily Depoortere8 soat oldin
  • HAHAH, i like the part when u put ur hand on ur mouth! When he askss u about noah..!

    Sara PrkosovackiSara Prkosovacki9 soat oldin
  • not pEwDiEpIe 😭😭😭

    Bailey HerringBailey Herring9 soat oldin
  • your so trustworthy

    Phoenix BaxterPhoenix Baxter18 soat oldin
  • Larray isn't scared to expose James...😂😂😂

    Angie DobbsAngie Dobbs23 soat oldin
  • Friend's: have u ever fantasize about any of ur friends James: no Lie detector: yes Me: coughing and chocking,, no hate though I died of laughter I chocked and coughed and while I was laughing , it happens to all of us no worries.

    Zharia PeytonZharia PeytonKun oldin
  • Me watching james charles and an ad comes up ....☺️🙂☺️🙂😠😡😠😠😡😠😭😭

    Zharia PeytonZharia PeytonKun oldin
  • Man what has the world become

    Beast Mode_12Beast Mode_12Kun oldin
  • Noah 🙂 beck 😘 why 😌 does 😋 everyone 😝 make 🤩 fun 😀 of 🥳 your 😉 neck 🥰 what 😱 the 😇 heck [edit] THIS TOOK AGES so please give creds

    Aesthetically_ RebornsAesthetically_ RebornsKun oldin
  • Just24miz

    Just24mizJust24mizKun oldin
  • 6:45 “pewdiepie” 😂😂

    Katia RazoKatia RazoKun oldin

    Lauren WillettLauren WillettKun oldin
  • don't worry James you are a AMAZING singer

    Neha SubhashNeha SubhashKun oldin
  • I feel like John knows so much tea after this vid

    Akshay PagadalaAkshay PagadalaKun oldin
  • Omg why is the same person takes lie dector test of every one?😂 first i saw him on gavin magnus channel then on bem azelrts channel then on brent rivers channel and now on james😂🤷‍♀️

    Vaniya RizviVaniya RizviKun oldin
  • “Did you ever have a thing with Noah beck?” James: no, I wish Dixie: 👁👄👁

    LunarStar EclipseLunarStar EclipseKun oldin
    • LOL this is an underrated comment

      sheepie.minecraftsheepie.minecraftSoat oldin
  • 10:01 my favorite part

    alexandra clairealexandra claireKun oldin
  • There was a lot of bleep 😂. I actually wanna know what it is 😅

    purnima vspurnima vsKun oldin
  • If you adid a comment like I will like scream

    Caleb RobertsCaleb RobertsKun oldin
  • True-- 👍🏻

    RhazenRhazenKun oldin
  • True-- 👍🏻

    RhazenRhazenKun oldin
  • True-- 👍🏻

    RhazenRhazenKun oldin
  • True-- 👍🏻

    RhazenRhazenKun oldin
  • True-- 👍🏻

    RhazenRhazenKun oldin
  • 4:43 This is the face of a man who regrets *everything*

    Dani's on The Loose!Dani's on The Loose!2 kun oldin

    Bella MerrettBella Merrett2 kun oldin

    it’s palomait’s paloma2 kun oldin

    Clara TeixeiraClara Teixeira2 kun oldin
  • does anyone remember that lie detector from other channels?

    Red GillRed Gill2 kun oldin
  • What do you mean your palit is the best bi use it all the time

    Deldadoh DelgadoDeldadoh Delgado2 kun oldin
  • U should do a lie detector test with noah beck and let dixie and larray ask u questions pleaseeeeee

    Chantal AlbertChantal Albert2 kun oldin
  • i personally think in his intro he should paint his lips 2

    Randy HermanRandy Herman2 kun oldin
  • I love the part of every video where james charles face comes and then the fire turns to bees and bees turn to butterfly and butterfly turns to bubblegum and bubblegum turns to paint brush This part comes after his intro..love ya sister

    Sharvika VivekSharvika Vivek2 kun oldin
  • My last name is also Dickinson

    JustLydiaJustLydia2 kun oldin
  • You should ask noah out when we drake's up with dixie you should go out with him james you'd would be a good boy friend

    teresa Munnteresa Munn2 kun oldin
  • The guy doing the lie detector gotta put up with this 😂😂😂😂

    SamsaGachaCookieSamsaGachaCookie2 kun oldin
  • hi james i wish i can talk to you but not and i wish i can talk to you on zoom pls make my wish come true james

    Angel LinnAngel Linn2 kun oldin
  • Did Sylvie ever bring the water got me ded

    Cheeto CheezeitzCheeto Cheezeitz2 kun oldin
  • Larry James Noah beck Larry’s boyfriend are all so cute

    Regina HarrisRegina Harris2 kun oldin

    Micah HartMicah Hart3 kun oldin
  • John must have a lot of tea he could use against all these people ahaha

    Marisa ShortMarisa Short3 kun oldin
  • I want to know if James Charles is a girl or a boy

    Millie SmithMillie Smith3 kun oldin
    • Boy

      Aileene Melanie SalgadoAileene Melanie SalgadoKun oldin
  • The man said I wanna go home 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅

    Lindiwe MbathaLindiwe Mbatha3 kun oldin
  • They say you marshmelo it's true apparently if you have three names and one of them has, 9 letters and your palette has 39 shades and you put it together you see 48 more plu in the sister club are 4 people so you see 12 and Marsmelo vidal 12 albums you get 1 and 1 is alone number and vizera so you marsmelo you 🙁

    Zorka KonarskaZorka Konarska3 kun oldin
  • Oh my

    Velocity_ DesiVelocity_ Desi3 kun oldin
  • james charles is our queen sister's for life

    xiomarylee maldonadoxiomarylee maldonado3 kun oldin
  • Question:Do you think that tik tokers deserve the hype? Me: No kinda because look Charli hit 100M followers in 1 year and look at Pewdiepie waited 10 long years to hit 100M subscribers in youtube so no is my answer (pls dont hate its my opinion)

    •Lɪɴᴢ ••Lɪɴᴢ •3 kun oldin
  • ‘’Can you lie?im bored’’ Gosh I love Larray😂

    Draco MalfoyDraco Malfoy3 kun oldin
  • John looks so done with you all LOL

    ramesh baralramesh baral3 kun oldin
  • Don’t be rude. Natural is better, natural is beautiful, everyone is beautiful, etc.

    xxgirliesangelsxxxxgirliesangelsxx3 kun oldin
  • I love it how james gets so serious 😂

    Hhh UhiiHhh Uhii3 kun oldin
  • 4:27 can you lie ? i'm bored 😂😂😂 larry is a whooole mood 😂

    Emily MuroEmily Muro3 kun oldin
  • I love how the guy in the back is so chill and like humble, yet you have James- LOL

    Tiffany StatonTiffany Staton3 kun oldin
  • 6:34

    BrokenAriiixaBrokenAriiixa4 kun oldin
  • Omg 😂😂

    Joey RJoey R4 kun oldin
  • James: I Love larrys boyfriend he is perfect❤️ Larrys boyfriend to larry: get the f*ck out my way

    Ala BlazusiakAla Blazusiak4 kun oldin
  • Larray isn’t afraid of nothin🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Audrey CraftAudrey Craft4 kun oldin
  • Half o video us *bleeeèeeepp*

    Sammy EditzSammy Editz4 kun oldin
  • I love u jame charles

    KeyolaKeyola4 kun oldin
  • Hi James🥺❤️

    The Sister ActThe Sister Act4 kun oldin
  • When he said "have you ever collabed with someone that sells bad makeup?" Nikita do be quite tho

    Mamta inaniMamta inani4 kun oldin

      SergioSergio3 kun oldin
  • I just wish Larri asked him if he had a crush on him

    Andrea spataAndrea spata4 kun oldin
    • Two bottoms don’t make a top!

      SergioSergio3 kun oldin
  • I have seen John a lot on Rebecca Zamolo’s channel

    Adam WilsonAdam Wilson4 kun oldin
  • Have you ever collated with someone who sells bad makeup ? Cough cough *JoJo siwa* cough

    Brooklyn SmithBrooklyn Smith4 kun oldin
  • ik this is random but you should colab with sssniperwolf

    Chloe DownesChloe Downes4 kun oldin
  • James literally look so nervous lol🤣

    Jade SheltrawJade Sheltraw4 kun oldin
  • L a rri that's me

    Jack Ward IIIJack Ward III5 kun oldin
  • James Charles Dickinson

    Josh LusterJosh Luster5 kun oldin
  • Hi sisters :lie detector guy oh shit

    Josh LusterJosh Luster5 kun oldin
  • hi

  • The wary carriage curiosly sniff because hemp beautifully wail athwart a stupendous team. beneficial, crooked nation

    Morgan LeighMorgan Leigh5 kun oldin
  • John in the whole video.. 😐👍 😐👎

    Jiya MehtaJiya Mehta5 kun oldin
  • I feel like larray said "do you think BRYCE stinks"? 😂😂😂

    uwuuwu5 kun oldin
  • James Charles is Honest

    Dream SequenceDream Sequence5 kun oldin
  • John’s face🤣

    Addy GrayceAddy Grayce5 kun oldin
  • Poor John imagine the questions that he has to hear like the ones bleeped out 😅😂

    Austyn BAustyn B5 kun oldin
  • Larry is Soo evil😂😂😂

    Ann-Marie SamuelsAnn-Marie Samuels5 kun oldin
  • Larry:Are you into black guys😑??? That attitude...😂😂😂 James better say yes and it better me the truth

    Ann-Marie SamuelsAnn-Marie Samuels5 kun oldin
  • Who were they referring as influencer's ex with more than 10 million followers/subscribers? Nate?

    Maxy LuegaMaxy Luega5 kun oldin

    Denise TurnerDenise Turner5 kun oldin
  • The one that I was playing among us with you I asked you for your number you didn’t give it to me yet so yeah

    Jayla SJayla S6 kun oldin
  • I'm your fan favourite UZworldr james❤😊🥰🤗

    Thomas fanThomas fan6 kun oldin
  • The fact that ever one in there beside the person giving the test is laughing

    TeriyakiTeriyaki6 kun oldin
  • I feel so bad for the lie detector guy

    Lexi RaeLexi Rae6 kun oldin
  • Poor Jonnhy

    Hej AllaHej Alla6 kun oldin
  • I bet its Jeffreystar (🤮🤮🤮🤮)

    boomblox172boomblox1726 kun oldin
  • "did you have a thing wit-" And then add

    Flo _Ed3Flo _Ed36 kun oldin
    • *ad*

      Flo _Ed3Flo _Ed36 kun oldin
  • Perfect

    Saba HesamiSaba Hesami6 kun oldin
  • Did you ever have a thing with Noah beck. James no I wish 😅

    JULISA sisters GJULISA sisters G7 kun oldin
  • I feel so bad for the lie detector man 😂😂😂😂

    Ace __._qAce __._q7 kun oldin