Learning How To Do TikTok Transitions!

4-Avg, 2020
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I try to learn how to do TikTok Transitions!! They have been getting crazier and more difficult every day, switching clothes, teleporting, taking your head off, and opening body parts that should not be opened hahahaha. Enjoy as I struggle to put my video editing skills to the test!
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    Gameboy2k11 CompetitionsGameboy2k11 CompetitionsSoat oldin
  • I love this part 💝 2:19

    Jessa mae De leonJessa mae De leon2 soat oldin
  • I am still confused on why James thought the first one was incredible

    Milena CohenMilena Cohen2 soat oldin
  • The second one is disturbing xD

    CringeynoobplayzCringeynoobplayz4 soat oldin
  • [gasping] Xd

    CringeynoobplayzCringeynoobplayz4 soat oldin
  • James only whatching the tik tok: My 3 yr old cousin listening to the lyrics and repeating it:"Bish sit on ma face ye I like that" Me:🤫

    Zion SumeoZion Sumeo10 soat oldin
  • James: I know u guys saw that commercial at the beginning Me who skipped through it: uhhhhhh

    Lilli EdgarLilli Edgar12 soat oldin
  • Bro his videos are so good and so funny 😂❤️

    Brook-Lynn SchofieldBrook-Lynn Schofield13 soat oldin
  • 10:18 is me when I get my exam questions🤣😂

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  • On the first clip it looks like Charlie Demileo

    Rigby MalleryRigby Mallery15 soat oldin
  • Anyone else think James Charles is really orange today and like the first couple scenes or the whole one I’m not really sure James Charles looks really tan for some reason lol 😂

    sathea kimsathea kim16 soat oldin
  • Omg I added you on Snapchat

    Jocelyn VazquezJocelyn Vazquez19 soat oldin
  • At 9:33 it’s wrong I have a hoody on and u open that

    Banana NeroneBanana Nerone20 soat oldin

    Even HelmersenEven Helmersen23 soat oldin
  • i love how u said a*s then a (waboom ch) like lmao

    Violet BonnerViolet BonnerKun oldin
  • can i have a shoutout pls sister

    Violet BonnerViolet BonnerKun oldin
  • part 2 of u trying transitions, pls james!!!!! ur amazingggg, ilyyyyyy!

    Arshia KaushalArshia KaushalKun oldin
  • I love your intro

    Nakshatraa NairNakshatraa NairKun oldin
  • His tan looks very tan

    Lily YueLily YueKun oldin
  • My cousin got your pallet

    Pinky popPinky popKun oldin
  • Can you please do a part 2 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you’re the best youtuber ever!

    my_led _lightsmy_led _lightsKun oldin
  • Most likely not

    Angel OrtizAngel OrtizKun oldin
  • James:I FEEL EXPOSED Trevor:ThAtS fInE

    •-•Sunlight Daisy•-••-•Sunlight Daisy•-•Kun oldin
  • hi james can you do a video reacting to charli demalo tiktoc and try recreating some of them good luck sister triniti moseley

    Triniti MoseleyTriniti MoseleyKun oldin
  • No hate but on the 2 one I think your supposed to have a hood on really close to camera not pants sorry

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  • When the butterfly 🦋 collection merch launched a day after my birthday 🥳 🤪😛

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  • Part 22222

    candicecandiceKun oldin
  • Ik i am late but qhere is larry

    Centennial SamoaCentennial SamoaKun oldin
  • Couldnt he have put on his wig

    Madie RoseMadie RoseKun oldin
  • The overt invoice preferentially trade because hardware behaviourally fold apropos a rough spinach. sophisticated, addicted hate

    Morgan LeighMorgan LeighKun oldin
  • James Charles one time turn into boy

    Faduma Rayan Asma HafsaFaduma Rayan Asma Hafsa2 kun oldin
  • Trevor needs to be a competitive dance teacher and I NEED LESSONS SISTER!! LOL

    May AlgeboriMay Algebori2 kun oldin
  • lol is it just me or doesnt the bucket hat he wore in the thumbnail look a lot like the one in roblox called "butterfly hat"?

    oceanwxvesoceanwxves2 kun oldin
  • wait a minute they actually turned out good

    Ashley BenitezAshley Benitez2 kun oldin
  • I’m a big fan of you and I love you James Carls

    Jordyn Jordan Melanie TurnerJordyn Jordan Melanie Turner2 kun oldin
  • I also do bad transitions i also fallow you on tick tok

    Bailey ReillyBailey Reilly2 kun oldin
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    ꧁minty꧂ ꧁ocean꧂꧁minty꧂ ꧁ocean꧂2 kun oldin
  • Jame Charles: saying I am not famous me:BOY u got 25.2 MILLION People wat u mean

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    iTz_Shrimpy_ RN_iTz_Shrimpy_ RN_2 kun oldin
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    Natalia ScottNatalia Scott2 kun oldin
    • I'm not begging for likes by the way

      Natalia ScottNatalia Scott2 kun oldin
  • whos happy that 2020 is gone

    Andrea HernandezAndrea Hernandez2 kun oldin
  • This really helped me learn how to edit, thank you!

    Furry Lover 101Furry Lover 1012 kun oldin
  • hi sister!

    Starr Queen567Starr Queen5672 kun oldin
  • Go Drunk Again

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  • People be like *In bed *Not In full screen *Reading comments Who did this ⬇️

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  • I like how I couldn’t watch this till today because I never saw it in my page because I was going somewhere for my birthday

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  • Ur intro is already a transition

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  • I love how for the intro you add like some of your live in it that like happened already

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  • Sarah Paulson

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