SURPRISE! We Got A New Puppy!! 🐶

4-Sen, 2020
7 759 210 Ko‘rishlar soni

HI SISTERS! Today's video is a vlog of our journey getting a new puppy and best friend for Finn! We've been thinking about it for months now and we finally found the right addition to the family. Enjoy and suggest us names down below!!
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  • So James, the strategy that you are doing to introduce him to the water is perfect! Make sure that he gets used to it at a young age because thats when he is strongest, therefor the strongest swimmer. Liam is an amazing name, and so is Henry for boys! Since I have 2 dogs, you have to make sure that you get them used to each other which obvi you have perfected. For a future makeup video: Your new puppy picks your makeup look! Bye James!!!

    Zoey MellerZoey Meller8 daqiqa oldin
  • cloudy could be the name for your new dog

    solution electricsolution electric24 daqiqa oldin
  • I’m sorry but like does anyone else wanna live with James?

    Lauren McFarlaneLauren McFarlane24 daqiqa oldin
  • Omg that puppy is so cute😍i like him

    Fiene loveFiene loveSoat oldin
  • The dog James Charles can you send me a pic my name is Jenny Marie I don't have why you have tiktok but I have Instagram either but can you see me send me your James turtle makeup palette please I love makeup if you just see me doing UZworld when I get older I'll show you bye and I love your dog you can probably find me one but does they did he grow already we did that I don't want one anymore bye my sisters

    Jenni VillarrealJenni Villarreal2 soat oldin
  • 💋💋💋💋

    Jenni VillarrealJenni Villarreal2 soat oldin
  • Congratulations!!!

    Harry Potter FanHarry Potter Fan2 soat oldin
  • Been their with the squirmy sleeper

    Amanda GriffinAmanda Griffin2 soat oldin
  • 1:25 my nickname is Cowa 😁🐶

    Cora RehnbergCora Rehnberg3 soat oldin
  • My cat: being faster then The flash Me:wtf how did you do that And she is 6

    Meow MeowMeow Meow3 soat oldin
  • My black lab when I first got her (she was 1 month): Shy, triggers making her walk: Her now: Jumping at me , barking for food, catching birds insect and barking at cats and OFCOURSE ESCAPING FROM THE HOUSE. I HAVE TO CATCH HER EVERY TIME SHE ESCAPES

    Aesthetic Anime-cookieAesthetic Anime-cookie3 soat oldin
  • Hi I want to give you a tip on how to get your dogs used to water so you put your puppy in the pool and then you need to go close to your puppy in the pool with a treat then s When the puppy see’s the treat in your hand then walk away about 6 feet away from your puppy in the pool and then your puppy might swim to you because you have a treat in your hand. good luck

    Ava AdamsAva Adams3 soat oldin
  • he is being bad because you NEED to TRAIN him. my dog is 4 monthes and still pees in the house. Befor he peed 4 times in 20 MINUTES

    Sophia PoissonSophia Poisson4 soat oldin
  • Stop 🛑 buying more and more puppies 🐶

    Kathleen Rainbow cute cookiesKathleen Rainbow cute cookies7 soat oldin
    • He just has 2 puppies mind your on buisness

      Aishi-LandAishi-Land4 soat oldin
  • Come on James, another puppy seriously I saw the other video !

    Kathleen Rainbow cute cookiesKathleen Rainbow cute cookies7 soat oldin
  • OMG, I got a puppy just like this!!! A black lab But ours was a girl

    Gracie BennettGracie Bennett9 soat oldin
  • did anyone else notice this when james bought finn his har was white and finn was also white and now he bought theo his hair is black like theo .............nice coincedince

    aparna sharmaaparna sharma10 soat oldin
  • And put ur hand in the water

    Terry GarnicaTerry Garnica10 soat oldin
  • You put a treat in your hand and slowly hold his ribcage

    Terry GarnicaTerry Garnica10 soat oldin
  • 😍😍😍

    stranger trash girlstranger trash girl10 soat oldin
  • I really want a dog!!!! 🥺

    Carlos RodriguezCarlos Rodriguez13 soat oldin
  • Stranger: How many siblings do you have? James: 1 brother and 25.3M sisters

    Aileene Melanie SalgadoAileene Melanie Salgado15 soat oldin
  • Try taking them to some place other then the pool

    Lexia VlogsLexia Vlogs17 soat oldin
  • what's the dogs name??

    Madi MuthartMadi Muthart18 soat oldin
  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwww

    IB games XoxoIB games Xoxo18 soat oldin
  • Is his name theadore

    Keniece LawsonKeniece Lawson20 soat oldin
  • DO the whatever my dogs touch ill buy!!!

    Lauren AveryLauren Avery20 soat oldin
  • What pol are u

    M KM K22 soat oldin
  • I know this is late but when my dog had puppies my other dog honestly communicated with them along with there mother. And they did help train them a bit

    Non of u buisness NioeNon of u buisness Nioe22 soat oldin
  • You have to throw toys in the pool so he follows him and then he will be a better swimmer and then he will enjoy it

    Kacee MageeKacee MageeKun oldin
  • Puppy: bites James. James : me bit off Head

    Dotty KogerDotty KogerKun oldin
  • Is that willow it looks like willow from Tom Felton

    Kun oldin
  • I love his dogs🐶

    Khloe TurneyKhloe TurneyKun oldin
  • The dog biting you is usual that's just the face of the parts of the dog

    Raymond RossRaymond RossKun oldin
  • James hi ur dog is adorable congrats

    Mishenka GovenderMishenka GovenderKun oldin
  • A good name would be Benny

    Ashlynn._.Ashlynn._.Kun oldin
  • Do the puppy picks my make-up plss ur my idol

    Isabel van pommerenIsabel van pommerenKun oldin
  • Pretend that the water is going to be gone and then let Finn go in the pool

  • Play with the hose

    Maecyn HillMaecyn HillKun oldin
  • I have a black lab named max ! And a white one named Jessie ! Btw they chew alotttt! Like heaps hide everything lol!

    Olivia JayneOlivia JayneKun oldin
  • Random people: how meany siblings have you got James Charles: one brother and 25milon sisters

    Chiya PlantChiya PlantKun oldin
  • James talking in the car about dogs. The truck behind him with a picture of a dog at the vet. LOL🧐🧐

    Shelby BignellShelby BignellKun oldin
  • Pepper is the best name the puppy is too cute

    8192-Jana Saif M Al sharif8192-Jana Saif M Al sharifKun oldin
  • name suggestion: ashton!

    it's cutie Kittuit's cutie KittuKun oldin
  • Hi James.. Love your channel... Congrats on the new addition to your family😊 And both your dogs are damn cute.. as you said ‘ their the sweetest angles’😇😇😇

    Gowri KamathGowri KamathKun oldin
  • So I know this is VERY VERY VEEEERY late but I think a good name is Jamie

    Xx H!n4 xXXx H!n4 xXKun oldin
  • Call him blu I am late but inspired by your butterfly look

    Ellie BrownEllie BrownKun oldin
  • Omg he’s soo cute

    Ananya & Aditi KAnanya & Aditi KKun oldin
  • I love your dog

    shay thomasshay thomasKun oldin
  • Hi sister!🥰🥰

    Audrey CraftAudrey CraftKun oldin
  • Sabashtion

    gacha laylagacha laylaKun oldin
  • I have a white and black haired labs the white is girl and her name is Harper and the black is a boy and his name is Max. Also sometimes your dogs get used to the water, or they jus5 don’t like it

    Laura WhiteLaura WhiteKun oldin
  • I have a tip for james. so if you have a baby blocker put it down and lock the puppy in a room with you so he can get to know you more and trust you more(but obviously let him out later lol )because that's what worked my my pup when he was little

    joseph woodjoseph woodKun oldin
  • Im literally jealous cause finn doesnt seem to want to jump in the pool.... uf i had a pool in my house my golden will spend all day there, we wouldnt even be able to pull her out cause she loves water so much....🤣🤣😅😕

    Arwen AureliaArwen AureliaKun oldin
  • Dog

    Nicole ReneeNicole ReneeKun oldin
  • Since you've been with finn so long hes overprotective and I think finn I getting some fatherly potentials do that cute my dog does the same thing he barks at people we only have one fog

    Nicole ReneeNicole ReneeKun oldin
  • Oh I called mine DJ because I have another one called DISCO

    Milly RyanMilly RyanKun oldin
  • And having another dog is like a role model for thepup

    Milly RyanMilly RyanKun oldin
  • I have a black lab tip since black labs take more heat you might need to get a mini pool so he can swim in it cause mine is 6 months and love to have a swim in the water when he’s hot

    Milly RyanMilly RyanKun oldin
  • i am new to this channel but i love it already and all the haters are just bad people James deserves better than that

    Panda GachaPanda GachaKun oldin
  • I have a tip for him bitting you / you should Yelp when he bites you so that he knows he is hurting you James bye the way I love your videos

    Ogden. LaylaOgden. LaylaKun oldin
  • I love the your new puppy James he is so cute 🥰

    Animal LoversAnimal LoversKun oldin
  • I love you James

    Harriette HawkinsHarriette HawkinsKun oldin
  • This video was so wholesome

    princessperrieprincessperrieKun oldin
  • Your puppy is so cute omg 😍

    Shayla JusticeShayla JusticeKun oldin
  • The superb glider crucially support because airship reportedly ski beyond a superb helmet. shaky, mundane run

    Uxz62 Edu02Uxz62 Edu02Kun oldin
  • The dogs name should be Hershey

    Jaya DhillonJaya DhillonKun oldin
  • Do they have a name I think they should call it queen or buddy

    amelia Morganamelia MorganKun oldin

    lisa vanveelenlisa vanveelenKun oldin
  • I like the name milo

    the kitty queenthe kitty queenKun oldin
  • Try doing this every day

    Pearl JimenezPearl JimenezKun oldin
  • Soon we are getting 4 puppies your puppie is SO CUTE!!!!! And we are a HUGE FAN OF U!!!

    Whitney WitchleyWhitney WitchleyKun oldin
  • black labs do not like water well my black lab dus not know how to swem so we are wating for him to be a gronup

    Morgan DvorakMorgan DvorakKun oldin
  • sister james when u got finn ur hair was white and finns fur is white and when u go tur new pup ur hair is black and he has black fur

    SupersabzzSupersabzzKun oldin

    skye bxllaskye bxllaKun oldin
  • If you wnat the puppy to like water try it with a sink first

    Lola BrownLola BrownKun oldin
  • tHaT dOg JuSt RaN WeEeEeE

    strawberry robloxstrawberry robloxKun oldin
  • A way to stop a puppy from biting your wrists: CUT YOUR WRISTS OFF :)

    SiMpHSiMpH2 kun oldin
  • It wil be fun if you had sister murch for dogs

    RositaRosita2 kun oldin
  • You should name it maxie

    ella brave allstarsella brave allstars2 kun oldin
  • He’s soooo cute

    Caitlin WhitsonCaitlin Whitson2 kun oldin
  • Fin is probably so happy too

    Caitlin WhitsonCaitlin Whitson2 kun oldin
  • Atlas

    Sarah Steckles RichmondSarah Steckles Richmond2 kun oldin
  • Habla español

    ELEMORRA 3.0ELEMORRA 3.02 kun oldin
  • Name him buddy

    Lily Up and atomLily Up and atom2 kun oldin
  • He / the new dog is so cute 🥰 I want it 🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰

    Lily Up and atomLily Up and atom2 kun oldin
  • The color of James' hair is the color of the puppy coming. Lol super planned.

  • Whats the name?

    Lilianna UribeLilianna Uribe2 kun oldin
  • That's all I got

    《 Trev 》《 Trev 》2 kun oldin
  • Butch,piper,bucky

    《 Trev 》《 Trev 》2 kun oldin
  • I have a few names for the dog

    《 Trev 》《 Trev 》2 kun oldin
  • Call it Scout

    Aimee StringerAimee Stringer2 kun oldin
  • i do have 2 dogs just like yours but difrent colours yes a bigger pup can acualy train a tiny lil dog too not doo stuff like bit u or u know so yes that is posble i just wanted too say btw Hi sisters

    AllyRblxAllyRblx2 kun oldin
  • This is boy

    Hrisi XatzigeorgiuHrisi Xatzigeorgiu2 kun oldin
  • Sou cut dog 🤤🥺🥺

    Inês MendesInês Mendes2 kun oldin
  • u can keep this name as coco

    Bharat GoplaniBharat Goplani2 kun oldin
  • You. Looking like a little bit boy

  • I love you dog 🐕🐕

    Inês MendesInês Mendes2 kun oldin
    • 😍😍😍🐕

      Inês MendesInês Mendes2 kun oldin
  • My friend’s dog loves the water because she likes playing with the ducks

    Faith AwcoateFaith Awcoate2 kun oldin
  • I’m joking btw

    Mia MooMia Moo2 kun oldin